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So you should be aware that to get rid of this problem, Spatial Touch APK has arrived. Now you can download this application and run it without touching the mobile screen. Now many questions must be arising in your mind as to how this is possible. So the answers to all these questions of yours will be found in this article.

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Imagine for a moment that you are sitting at the table watching a movie. And you want to pause the movie for some work, but reaching for the screen may interrupt your movie watching experience. You are thinking that without getting disturbed, I should stop this film from here. But you don’t have any way to stop it. I wish there was such a solution that the mobile could be operated while sitting, just by using the finger, without touching the screen.

So you should be aware that to get rid of this problem, Spatial Touch APK has arrived. Now you can download this application and run it without touching the mobile screen. Now many questions must be arising in your mind as to how this is possible. So the answers to all these questions of yours will be found in this article.

What is Spatial Touch APK?

Spatial Touch APK is an innovative app that understands hand gestures for various media applications. It uses AI algorithms along with your phone’s camera. By swiping a finger in the air, you can play/pause videos, adjust volume, navigate content and scroll through the feed – all without touching the screen.

App Information
Updated on29 Feb 2024
Requires Android7.0 and up
Downloads1,000,000+ downloads
In-app purchases$1.99 – $30.99 per item
Content ratingEveryone Learn more
PermissionView detailson on goole paly store
Interactive elementsIn-app purchases
Released on27 Dec 2023
Offered byVTouch

How does Spatial Touch APK work?

Spatial Touch APK

This app leverages the power of artificial intelligence (AI) for gesture recognition. Here are the details of its functionality which ISRO works on.

  • Camera activation: Spatial Touch activates your phone’s camera when you launch a supported media app, like YouTube or Netflix.
  • Hand detection: The camera captures live video of your hand movements in front of the device.
  • AI Processing: Spatial Touch’s AI engine analyzes video frames, recognizing specific hand gestures you make.
  • Action execution: Based on the recognized gesture, the app translates it into corresponding actions within the media app. And operates the screen as per ISRO understanding.

Security Focus: It is important to note that Spatial Touch prioritizes user privacy. All gesture recognition processing happens locally on your device. Captured video frames are not stored or transmitted externally. The camera is activated only when necessary, ensuring that your privacy is protected. Therefore, if you feel that it violates our privacy policy, then you can read its privacy policy available on Play Store.

Benefits of using Spatial Touch APK

There are many advantages of using Spatial Touch APK

  1. Advanced feature: Control your phone remotely, including hands-free video viewing, perfect for situations when your hands are dirty.
  2. Better hygiene: Minimize touching your phone screen all the time, potentially reducing the spread of germs, especially when cooking or cleaning. These apps are useful.
  3. Accessibility Features: Spatial touch can be an alternative control tool for users with limited hand mobility.
  4. Future Interactions: Experience a glimpse of the future of human-computer interactions with intuitive gesture-based controls.

Download Spatial Touch APK

Using spatial touch is user-friendly and straightforward. Here’s a handy guide.

Download and Installation: Search “Spatial Touch” on Google Play Store and install the official app of “VTouch Lab”. Avoid downloading Spatial Touch APK from untrusted sources, as they may be malicious or contain harmful code.

Granting permissions: During installation, the app will request permission to access your phone’s camera. Grant this permission for Spatial Touch to function properly. Carefully, if you are facing any problem in installing it, you can also watch its tutorial and install it with its help.

Background activation: Spatial Touch is designed to automatically run in the background whenever you open a supported media application. No need to manually launch the app separately.

Gesture Recognition: Familiarize yourself with the supported gestures outlined within the app. These typically include swiping gestures for volume and playback controls and air taps for actions such as pausing or selecting content.

Note: While Spatial Touch boasts a wide range of compatible apps, it is always recommended to check the app’s description within the Play Store for the latest list of supported media platforms.

Is spatial touch free?

Spatial Touch offers a free version with basic functionalities like play/pause controls and volume adjustments. However, for a wider range of gestures and customization options, there is a premium subscription available within the app. You can avail other features by taking its premium subscription.

Potential Limitations of Spatial Touch APK

While Spatial Touch offers a unique approach to phone control,
Some potential limitations need to be considered:

Dependence on light: Finger gesture recognition can be affected in poor lighting conditions. Therefore, choose a well-lit area for the application to work properly.
Learning curve: While the gestures are designed to be intuitive, there is a slight learning curve involved in mastering them for intuitive controls. If you face some difficulty in performing the gesture, you can watch its video guide. This guide appears only during installation of the application.
Battery consumption: Spatial Touch uses the phone’s camera, which may impact battery life slightly.

Is Spatial Touch APK Right for You?

If you are looking to operate your Android device without touching it, Spatial Touch APK is definitely worth a try. It provides a hands-free experience for media consumption and basic navigation, especially in situations where touching the screen is impractical. However, keep in mind limitations like potential accuracy issues and slightly higher battery usage.

Here are the advantages and disadvantages to help you decide:


Convenient and hands-free controls
Better hygiene with less screen touching
Accessibility for users with physical limitations
Fun and innovative user experience


Requires compatible app to function
might need some practice

Conclusion: Is Spatial Touch APK Right for You?

Spatial Touch APK provides an innovative and convenient way to control your phone using hand gestures. If you want to enhance your media consumption experience or use alternative control methods, Spatial Touch is worth a try. The free version provides a taste of its capabilities, and premium features cater to users wanting a more comprehensive gesture control experience.

Remember, for best performance, make sure you download the official Spatial Touch app from the Google Play Store and be wary of third-party APK downloads.
So, say goodbye to constant screen touching and embrace a new era of gesture-controlled interactions with Spatial Touch APK!