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In the age of bezel-less displays and overflowing pockets, the concept of a touchless phone experience sounds like science fiction. But what if I tell you that there is an app that lets you control your Android device with simple hand gestures? That’s right, enter Spatial Touch Pro, an AI-powered app that aims to revolutionize the way you interact with your phone.

This blog will provide in-depth information about Spatial Touch Pro, exploring its features, functionality and whether it lives up to the hype. We’ll also discuss some alternatives and answer the burning question: should you download Spatial Touch Pro APK?

App NameSpatial Touch
Requires Android7.0 and up
Downloads1,000,000+ downloads
Updated onMar 14, 2024
Released onDec 27, 2023
Offered byVTouch
Download Size36 MB

What is this?

Spatial Touch Pro is an Android application that uses your phone’s camera to track hand movements and translate them into on-screen actions. Imagine controlling your media playback, scrolling through social media feeds, or even adjusting the volume – all without touching the screen!

The app boasts multiple functionalities, including

Download Spatial Touch Pro
  • Air Gesture Control: Play, pause, skip videos, adjust volume, navigate content and scroll through apps using pre-defined hand gestures.
  • Multi-app compatibility: Works with popular media apps like YouTube, Netflix, Disney+, Instagram, and others, with the developer promising to add more constantly.
  • Remote control experience: Control your phone from a distance of 2 meters, perfect for relaxing on the sofa or situations where touching the screen is inconvenient.
  • Customizable filters: Fine-tune gesture sensitivity to balance between responsiveness and reducing accidental detection.

Downloading and Installing Spatial Touch Pro

As of now, there is no official “Pro” version of Spatial Touch available on the Google Play Store. The freely available “Spatial Touch” app (by vTouch) provides the functionalities mentioned above. There may be websites that offer “Pro” versions as APK (Android Application Package) downloads. However, downloading APKs from untrusted sources poses a security risk, so we strongly advise against this route. We are telling you once again that its pro version is not out yet. That’s why use only the free apps available on Google Play Store.

using spatial touch

Using spatial touch is quite simple. For this, download and install the app from Google Play Store. Once launched, you will be greeted with a tutorial explaining different hand gestures for different tasks. It is recommended to practice these gestures in a well-lit environment to ensure proper recognition.

Within app settings, you can adjust gesture sensitivity and explore compatibility settings for specific apps.

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So, does the Spatial Touch Pro live up to the hype?

Here’s a breakdown of the app’s strengths and weaknesses to help you decide.


  • Novelty factor: The concept of touchless controls is undeniably cool and can add a futuristic feel to your phone usage.
  • Convenience: In specific situations, like having dirty hands or using your phone while lying down, Spatial Touch can be a useful tool.


Accuracy: Gesture recognition can be difficult, especially in low light conditions or with complex movements.

  • Learning curve: Gestures require practice to master, and accidental triggers can be frustrating.
  • Battery drain: The app constantly uses the camera, which can increase battery consumption.

Pro options

While spatial touch offers a unique approach, there are alternative ways to achieve touchless control:

  • Built-in accessibility features: Android offers built-in accessibility features like voice control or switch access that allow hands-free phone interaction.
  • Smart speakers and displays: Use a smart speaker like Google Home or Amazon Echo to control media playback via voice commands. Similarly, smart displays can be used for some touchless functions.

Verdict Download or Skip?

Spatial Touch is an interesting app that has the potential to improve your phone experience in specific scenarios. However, its accuracy limitations and learning curve may not be ideal for everyone.

Here’s our recommendation

If you’re interested in the concept of touchless controls and are willing to invest the time in learning the gestures, Spatial Touch is worth a try (download the free version from the Play Store).

If you prioritize accuracy and seamless user experience, consider exploring built-in accessibility features or integrating smart home devices for voice control.

Remember, any good choice depends on your individual needs, and preferences. So, experiment, enjoy and see if Spatial Touch can add a touch of magic to your phone interactions!

Additional Notes

This blog post focused on the Android app “Spatial Touch” by VTouch available on the Google Play Store. There might be other apps with similar functionalities but different names.

As always, be cautious when downloading APKs from untrusted sources.

We hope this review empowers you to make an informed decision about Spatial Touch Pro.

Exploring Spatial Touch’s Capabilities

We’ve established that Spatial Touch offers a hands-free approach to interacting with your Android device. But how well does it perform in real-world situations? Let’s delve deeper into some of the app’s functionalities and considerations .

Mastering the Gestures:

Spatial Touch comes with a set of pre-defined hand gestures for various actions. Here’s a quick rundown:

  • Open Palm: Used for actions like play/pause, answer/end calls.
  • Swiping Motions: Control scrolling and navigation within apps.
  • Pinching Motion: Adjust volume.
  • Fist Clench: Activate specific app functions (customizable).

While the gestures seem intuitive, achieving consistent recognition requires practice. The app offers an in-built tutorial, but experimenting in different lighting conditions helps fine-tune your technique. Remember, complex or rapid movements might be misinterpreted.

Compatibility Check

Spatial Touch boasts compatibility with various media apps. However, it’s crucial to check the app settings for optimal functionality. Some apps might require enabling specific permissions or adjusting gesture configurations within Spatial Touch.

Media Playback:

While media control is a primary focus, Spatial Touch’s capabilities extend further. You can configure gestures for specific app functions, like opening notifications or taking screenshots (depending on the app’s compatibility). This adds a layer of versatility, allowing for some hands-free app navigation.

Customizing the Experience:

The beauty of Spatial Touch lies in its customizability. The app settings allow you to:

  • Adjust Gesture Sensitivity: Finding the sweet spot between responsiveness and minimizing accidental triggers is crucial. A lower sensitivity reduces false positives but might require more deliberate gestures.
  • Filter Settings: Spatial Touch offers various filter options to optimize gesture recognition based on lighting conditions. Experimenting with these filters can significantly improve accuracy.
  • App-Specific Configurations: As mentioned earlier, some apps might require specific permissions or gesture adjustments within Spatial Touch for optimal functionality.

The Battery Consumption

It’s important to acknowledge that Spatial Touch relies on your phone’s camera to track hand movements. This constant camera usage can lead to increased battery drain. If battery life is a major concern, using Spatial Touch sporadically or turning it off when not in use might be necessary.

The Future of Spatial Touch

The concept of touchless control is still evolving. Spatial Touch is a pioneer in this space, and future updates could bring improvements in gesture recognition accuracy, battery efficiency, and compatibility with a wider range of apps. Additionally, the introduction of more complex gestures or hand tracking features could unlock further possibilities.

In Conclusion

Spatial Touch Pro might not be a revolutionary app replacing your touchscreen experience entirely. However, it offers a glimpse into the future of touchless interaction and can be a valuable tool in specific situations. By understanding its strengths, weaknesses, and customization options, you can decide if Spatial Touch adds a layer of convenience to your phone usage.

So, download the free version from the Play Store, experiment with the gestures, and see if a touchless future beckons you!

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