Spatial Touch Apk v1.0.32 Download Free

Now you can control your mobile and smartphone without touching it. You will be surprised to know this, but yes it is absolutely correct. VTouch company has lunched in the special touch APK market. It is a hand based gesture remote control application. Which controls your mobile phone without touching it.

You can control YouTube Shorts, Netflix, Reels, TikTok, WhatsApp or other types of music players through this application. The special thing is that the application is still under process. More apps will be added to this application in the coming days.

Now let us understand in simple language. Suppose, while you are doing some work, you keep your mobile phone away from you. Or sometimes your fingers remain wet. So that you are not able to touch the screen of your mobile phone.
To control the mobile, hands have to be cleaned. Due to which your work gets hampered. But now it is not so. Now you will be able to control your smartphone easily. For this you will have to download Special Touch APK. This is a new age application which is popular all over the world. Maybe you don’t know it yet.

What are the features of the app?

Spatial Touch APK
  1. Air Gesture: This app works on air gesture. That means you can control your mobile’s media playback, volume, navigation, scrolling and applications without touching the screen. It works on the instructions of the fingers of the hands.
  2. Remote Control: Its remote control works quite accurately. Through remote control, you can control your device up to a distance of 2 meters. It works well even in different environmental conditions.
  3. State-of-the-Art Gesture Recognition: This application recognizes your finger gestures very well. Advanced filter is provided inside it. With the help of which you can minimize the wrong feelings. If you want to enhance the movement of your fingers, you can set the filter for that also.
  4. Background Auto-Start: The most special thing about this application is that it starts auto. This means that when you launch YouTube, Netflix or any other application on your device, Special Touch automatically starts in the background of your mobile. You do not need to start it separately. This continues to run in the background while the application continues to perform its tasks.
  5. Strong Security: Keeping the users in mind, strong security features have been provided in it. Special Touch works with the camera, but the best part is that this application does not record or store any of your videos or images. This application works only on the movements of your fingers. Its camera turns on only when you launch any application. When you close an application, its camera stops working. So there is no need to worry about your safety, it does not record your video or photo.

How many applications does it support?

Spatial Touch™ works on many applications, including

Video Streaming:

YouTube Shorts
Amazon Prime Video
MX Player

Social Media:



Apple Music
YouTube Music


Google Maps
Google Photos
Microsoft Teams
Google Meet

This list represents only some of the popular applications. Spatial Touch Apk is constantly updating, and new applications are being added regularly. You can check the latest list by going to its “Supported Apps” section.

Minimum System Requirements

  • Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 7 series or better (such as 720G, 730G, 765G)
  • RAM: 4GB or more
  • Operating System: Android 8.0 (Oreo) or above
  • Camera: At least 720p resolution (1080p would be better)

How to understand that your device has these things

Spatial Touch APK
  • Processor: You can see the name of the processor by going to your device’s “Settings” and tapping “System” or “About device.”
  • RAM: For this also you need to go to the device’s “Settings” and tap “Memory” or “Storage” to see the amount of RAM.
  • Operating system: You can check your operating system version by going to your device’s “Settings” and tapping “System” or “About device.”
  • Camera: You can view the camera resolution by opening your device’s “Camera” app.

Where to download it

  1. Google Play Store

The Spatial Touch™ app is available on the Google Play Store.
Open the Google Play Store and search for “Spatial Touch™”.
Find the app and click “Install”.
Follow the on screen instructions during the install process.

Once the app is installed, you can open it and start using it, following its hand gestures.

  1. Spatial Touch™ Website

You can also download the Spatial Touch™ app from the website.
Open its official website and click on the “Download” button.
Once the application is downloaded, open it and click “Install”. Follow the on screen instructions
Once the app is installed, complete the hand gesture settings and start using it.


Spatial Touch™ is a powerful application, with the potential to revolutionize a wide variety of applications. This application controls the mobile without touching the screen. It controls the mobile by understanding hand gestures. If you can download it through the link above.

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