Spatial Touch Mod Apk Premium Unlocked 

Special Touch is an application that precisely controls the screen of your smartphone without even touching it. This new application has just been launched which controls your smart device in various ways. It works like a magic in your device. Through this application, you can control your mobile screen up to a distance of 2 meters. To get all these features, you can download Spatial Touch Mod Apk Premium Unlocked from here.

What is this?

Spatial Touch AI is a hand gesture application based on artificial intelligence algorithms. Which controls the screen of a smart device through hand gestures in the air. This is an application created by vtouch company. It makes it easier for your fingers to understand different types of gestures.

App Information

App NameSpatial Touch
Requires Android7.0 and up
Downloads1,000,000+ downloads
Updated onMar 14, 2024
Released onDec 27, 2023
Offered byVTouch
Download Size36 MB

How does this work?

The way the application works is slightly different. It tracks the movement and direction of the hand using your room and sensors. The hand movements tracked by the camera are fed to the AI algorithm. This algorithm controls the device’s screen by understanding that activity.

what can it do?

This application based on air gestures can perform a variety of tasks, including.

  • Zoom and scroll: You can drag your fingers in front of the smartphone camera in the air to zoom or scroll. Through this you can enlarge or reduce the web page document image.
  • Rotating and Flipping Objects: You can rotate and flip any object around in this application. This method is very special in this application. It can be used to view products in online stores, or play a variety of games.
  • Activating controls: You can control applications on your device in a variety of ways by gesturing in the air. You can control such as sliding YouTube reels, increasing or decreasing the volume, playing games, listening to music, etc.
  • Air Typing: This advanced feature is coming. You can access keyboard features by moving your fingers in the air. This will be of great help for those people who want to control the mobile remotely while sitting at one place. Or those who have difficulty typing on the keyboard.

It is still under updating and development. New apps are being added to it. So that the mobile can be controlled without touching it. In the coming days, almost the entire application will be added to it.

Spatial Touch APK For Android

Why is it so special?

Spatial Touch Mod Apk Premium Unlocked 

The main reason why this application is special is the various features provided in it. Due to which the user gets a lot of help and is forced to use it.

  • Better Control: AI algorithm based hand gestures are the main reason for this. It controls the phone in a better way. This allows you to control much more than simply touching the screen with your fingers.
  • More exciting experience: Controlling the mobile through this application becomes more exciting. Because controlling air results in strange filing. You get more enjoyment when you scroll through films, reels, or web pages through it.
  • Enhanced Productivity: It makes your phone perform at its peak. So that you can control your device from a distance by pointing your fingers in the air.
  • Customization: This application provides advanced filters for its users to customize. You can set the touch gestures as per your preference.
  • Free: The application is providing free service right now. If you need its advanced features then you can also take premium plan. In which you control the device in different ways.

Who is this right for?

Want better control: If any user wants to control their device in a better way then yes then this is right for them. Like while playing games, or watching reels videos.

Those who have physical disability: It helps a lot for the people with physical disability. Even after keeping the mobile away from you, you can control it by waving your hand in the air. There is no need to keep the mobile in hand.

During cooking: When a person is cooking, it is very difficult to control the device. Due to wet hands, it becomes very difficult to watch videos and scroll pages. This application helps a lot.

While driving: You can control your smart device with this application while driving. Without even touching it. This makes your driving correct and safe.

Download this

Open Google Play Store or official website.
Type “Spatial Touch Mod Apk Premium Unlocked” in the search bar.
Once the app appears, click on “Install” or “Get”.

How to use

After installing the app, open it.
The app will ask you for some permissions, such as permission to use the camera and accessibility.
After granting the permissions, click on the “Start” button.

Now point your fingers in front of the room on your device (directions). After all the processes are completed, now use it.

Control your tablet or smartphone without touching the screen! Spatial Touch MOD Apk is an AI-based hand gesture remote controller. who controls the screen

Some uses of Spatial Touch:

Sliding or pausing YouTube videos, reels
rewind video
volume up and down
taking a screenshot
switching apps

Benefits of Spatial Touch:

Protects phone screen from dirty or wet hands.
Provides a secure way to control the phone without touching it.
Provides a hands-free experience to perform various tasks.


Spatial Touch is a useful app for controlling smart devices through hand gestures. Which provides a convenient way to control the smartphone without touching it. If you are looking for a new way to use your phone, then definitely try Spatial Touch Mod Apk Premium Unlocked. ,

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